What is Film & TV Tech Support?

If you are planning your next film, television, web, & VR project, or have already started production or post production, there will always be unique technical challenges.

Murphy's Law: If anything can go wrong, it will!

Having someone to help customize & advise your choice of software & hardware to fit your budget, workflow, while not compromising the quality of your production can prove invaluable.


I am a filmmaker, cinematographer, colorist, and independent business owner who has been in the film & television industry for over 12 years.  I’ve been driven to constantly maintain a technical working knowledge of the image making process to help liberate the creative process.



To keep fluidity in the creative process, technical problems can often be detrimental to your project. Having technical support on hand can greatly reduce missteps that ultimately affect your schedule and budget.

Services to ensure success
  • Getting your project started with the right foundational knowledge
  • Producing a practical and realistic workflow to adhere to your schedule and budget
  • Maintaining constant communication, technical support, and troubleshooting throughout all phases of your production [from pre-production to post]
How we can get started?
  • An initial brief with your team to understand your project goals, workflow, schedule & budget
  • Create a custom proposal with tiered recommendations to optimize your project’s scope & with enough flexibility to allows you to choose what best suits you and your team
  • Finalize a dynamic project document [i.e. google docs, microsoft 360] that can be universally accessed and edited in real time


+Merge was commissioned by Food52 to setup a central storage solution for their post production studio.

Workflow Meeting
  • An initial brief with their team to understand their projects goals, workflow, schedule & budget.
  • Debrief and training meeting with all staff to make sure they are aware of any new changes with their software and hardware capabilities.
  • Created a dynamic document including all pertinent, IT information about their network configuration, user, passwords & software recommendations.
Video editorial shared storage
  • A central NAS shared video storage solution fast enough for UHD 4K editorial for 4x Editors, + Ingest station pipeline and producorial access and management
  • Performed a real-time stress test of all workstations, storage performance and connectivity with real projects to simulate an actual work environment.
Remote management & Security
  • Setup remote management access to the NAS [Central Storage System]
  • Configured and optimized router for security
  • Configured FTP for producers off site
  • Configured secure file delivery & upload protocol


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